Saturday, April 01, 2006

Adam Neate and his inspiration engine

This is Adam Neate and his "inspiration engine" at the opening of his "Sell Out" show at One Small Step today.("inspiration engine" is just what I call it, I dunno what he thinks its name is). It's a painting with the various clock hands going round, each labelled with different things like "animals" and then a list of animals around the circumference, followed by "monsters" (divided into friendly and ugly sections) etc or another one with some moods and colours.The bottom of the board is covered with his favourite words.

He snatches a look at it whenever he doesn't know what to paint next, and one of the clocks will catch his eye... and his inspiration.

As part of his selling-out themed show there are a few of these unique pieces on sale at the gallery. So you can literally buy a piece of Adam's inspiration. Now thats how you sell out.


Blogger Mike said...

FYI on the price list for the show the piece was titled 'My Inspiration'.

3:50 PM  

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