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So have you seen this article? about a stall holder who sold the steel panel from his stall for £1000 with a Banksy on it! What an idiot?! But surely he should be chuffed at getting £400 profit, and the shiny new graffiti free shutter he always wanted rather than winging on about how he could have made £500,000. It's his fault he's ignorant!

This is may fave quote: [Mr Khan] noticed "trendy young people" were stopping to take photographs on their mobile phones

That's us that is!


Blogger The Eyechild said...

I don't think the guy's an idiot really, though I can appreciate why he's kicking himself now.

A thing is worth what someone's willing to pay for it, which has the recursive effect of boosting its market value, which promotes interest and further accelerates its value. Its a question of supply and demand, which is why so many teeny flats in unprepossesing boroughs of London go for going on half a million quid.

I'm personally kicking myself for not buying some Banksy prints from Santa's Ghetto a couple of years back which were going for £50 a pop then, but now even unsigned are going for in the region of £800.

Buying the things wasn't the bunfight then it is now, with Banksy mania in full swing, and even I must admit, it's not so much the prints themselves I'm bugged about so much as their notional value and the prestige and associated kudos owning such a thing would confer ("ooh is that a real Banksy print") people would ask, as you ushered them proudly round.

The world's gone Banksy crazy these days, and mostly because he guy is a master of self promotion, and is all too good at pimping himself. He knows what he's worth and isn't afraid to get it.

So in some ways, fair play to the guy who bought it, and "them's the breaks, kid" to the guy who sold it. Sounds like he had enough hints it might have been worth something more.

He's probably lucky some people in hi vis jackets didn't just come and and remove it in the wee hours of a Monday morning (Futura 2000 goes on about a similar thing happening to a legal piece he did in his book, where a scaffold covering he painted got lifted within a couple of weeks –possibly even before Agnes B and the New York art scene had sat up and taken notice, either).

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