Tuesday, July 04, 2006

back to pretty graffiti!

I've been pretty slack recently and haven't been pursuing the cause... so this is one of my "back catalogue". I think you'll all agree that it is indeed very very pretty/cute (bearing in mind that I am a girl after all)! Actually I like this one so much it hangs on the wall in my flat!

[Hoxton: 2005]


Blogger cubby said...

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6:36 AM  
Blogger cubby said...

hi been crap at commenting on stuff but i'd just like to know-do we have a positive ID on those yellow creatures with wings? Ta

6:38 AM  
Blogger K-80 said...

I've obviously been even more rubish and only just noticed your comment! No positive ID as yet but if you catch one I have a contact at the natural history museum who might be able to help!

2:32 AM  

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