Monday, May 08, 2006

The Melbourne report

I'm back - yes after experiencing some of the many worldly treasures the land down under has to offer I'm finally back with my feet firmly planted on UK soil (and with a bit of a tan to boot)!

I spent a very rainy week in the beautiful city of Melbourne & armed with my vast knowledge of its street art scene (that is to say that I've read "Stencil Graffiti Capital: Melbourne"!) I optimistically set out to capture some awesome street scenes...

... thing is, the evil city of Melbourne officials don't get Art and are hell bent on destroying it so my mission was not as fruitful as perhaps it should have been! There were still some pockets of urban visions that had yet to be buffed (like Caledonian and Hosier Lanes) but most of the back alleys are now covered in murals made up of umpteen shades of grey!

So here are some favourites from what's still out there:

Most meticulous use of stickers
Funniest stencil
Favourite Character

Most Punk Rock stencil

Best scene
I have plenty more pics that I will very likely post in the near future so keep watching!

PS... A very warm welcome to Cubby - looking forward to your future contributions!


Blogger sigh9 said...

awesome post k80, you've outdone yourself. typically sharp photos.

11:29 AM  

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